Total individuals: 55
Total males Total females Total unknown Total living Total dead
29 (52.7%) 26 (47.3%) 0 (0.0%) 30 (54.5%) 25 (45.5%)

Individuals, by gender

Individuals, by living / deceased status

Total births Total deaths
34 25
Births by century Deaths by century

Number of births in each century

Number of deaths in each century

Earliest birth Earliest death
Josiah Wedgwood I
Birth 1730  
Death 1795 (Age 65)  
Charles Darwin
Birth 1758 27  
Death 1778 (Age 20)  
Latest birth Latest death
This information is private and cannot be shown. Charles Galton Darwin
Birth 1887  
Death 1962 (Age 75)  

Average age at death Males Females
70 years 71 years 69 years

Average age at death date, by century

Greatest age at death
Males Females

Total surnames Total given names
19 53
Top surnames Top given names

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